Dialogue with Top Model-ZJ Copper Car Exchange Meeting

During the May Day holiday, the miniature model experience hall continuously hosted exciting events. On the afternoon of May 3rd, it welcomed the full range of “ZJ Copper Car” products, including the brand-new 250GTO complete car, 250GTO internal structure model, 250LM internal structure model, and engine frame among other related products. This was a collaborative “ZJ Copper Car” Product Exchange Meeting” held with “ZJ Copper Car”, marking the first time“ ZJ Copper Car” showcased its complete product line since the Beijing Model Exhibition. During the event, they interactively introduced the development philosophy and product features of “ZJ Copper Car”. Subsequently, Lunyu will conduct a detailed review of the upcoming 250GTO complete car model from “ZJ Copper Car”, so please stay tuned. Below are some highlights from the event.


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